Author Visits

In-Person and Virtual

I love talking with readers and aspiring writers! A former teacher and audiologist, I am comfortable working with children of all ages and abilities. For more details or to schedule an in-person or virtual presentation, please Contact me for availability.

Story Time

All grades

An interactive read-aloud of Bess the Barn Stands Strong or Balloons for Papa followed by a fun Q&A. Optional craft can be added. (20 minutes)

Let’s Find Ideas!

Grades PreK-2

Every great story begins with a great idea. But where do great ideas come from? I will talk about how to find ideas and what to do with them once they are found. Students will brainstorm together to come up with some great ideas. I will read Bess the Barn Stands Strong or Balloons for Papa. Optional crafts include making binoculars to help find ideas or thinking caps for brainstorming. (30-45 minutes)

Emotions Wanted

Grades PreK-3

Emotions are real. We all have them. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to deal with them. Travel with Arthur as he goes on a journey of emotions – from happy to sad to mad to glad. I will read Balloons for Papa and few other picture books that touch on kids’ emotions. Then, the students and I will act out different emotions and talk about how to help someone in need of emotional support. (30-45 minutes)

Celebrate the Seasons (and Weather) with Bess

Grades K-3

Bess the Barn loves to celebrate every season! We will first chat about the four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. I will read Bess the Barn Stands Strong. Then, the students will divide into four “season” groups to brainstorm about the elements of their season, what they enjoy doing in that season, and the weather phenomenons that might happen during that season. We will gather back together to share our findings. An optional science experiment can be added. (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Story Barn: Building a strong story from the ground up

Grades 3-6

Just like Bess, a story has to be strong to stand the test of time. I will explore with the students what it takes to make a strong story. Concepts covered during this workshop are character, setting, main events, problem, and solution. I will read Bess the Barn Stands Strong. The group will work together to construct a strong story barn using all of the story arc concepts. (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Writing Workshop

Grades 4-8

Customized writing workshop where students will work to create their own stories. Students will learn about the elements of a story, how to give an effective critique, and the revision process all in a positive and supportive environment. This workshop is most ideal if it is provided in two sessions. (1 hour to 2 hours)

Other Options

All grades

I am always happy to customize any presentation (virtual or in-person) to fit the needs of your classroom or group.

In-Person School Visits

FULL DAY VISIT – includes 3-4 presentations, book signing, and author chat 

Local – within 60 miles of Des Moines, Iowa: $400

Somewhat Local – 61-250 miles of Des Moines, Iowa: $700

And Beyond – More than 251 miles from Des Moines, Iowa: please contact

Virtual Visits*

Story Time for 20 minutes  $40  

Presentation for 30 minute to 45 minutes  $100  

Presentation for 45 minutes to 1 hour  $150  

Workshop for 1 hour to 2 hours  $200-$300

*Discount available when scheduling multiple story times and/or presentations within one school or school district. Please contact me for more details.


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Upcoming Events

BOOK SIGNING for Balloons for Papa/Bess the Barn Stands Strong            Sidekick Coffee and Books             June 3rd, 2021 5-7pm (CT)

      VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH                Balloons for Papa             MoMere & Storyhouse Bookpub                      Facebook/Instagram                  May 23rd, 2021 2pm (CT)

             BOOK SIGNING                           Balloons for Papa                       MoMere (Valley Junction)             May 21st, 2021  1-3pm (CT)

VIRTUAL STORY TIME VISIT       Mary Morgan Elementary, IL           May 12th, 2021

READ ACROSS AMERICA       Western Hills Elementary, TX     March 2nd, 2021