Bess the Barn Stands Strong

Page Street Kids, September 8th, 2020 -- Illustrated by Katie Hickey

Bess the barn is steadfast, sturdy, and strong. She cares for all of the animals that stay within her walls, and celebrates every day with them and the farmer who built her. Seasons pass, and one day, everything changes. A new farmer takes over the farm. Bess is all but forgotten. Until one afternoon, Bess’s strength and steadfastness shine through. Bess the Barn Stands Strong is an ode to the seasons of life and the steadfast strength we all have inside of us.

Arthur Wants a Balloon

Upside Down Books/Trigger UK, October, 2020 -- Illustrated by Erika Meza

Balloons make Arthur smile. But his harried papa and the blustery clouds have other ideas. As Arthur’s frustration grows, he gets carried away and finds what he really wants is to see his papa smile again. Arthur Wants a Balloon explores how to cope when life’s worries become too much.