Growing up in a rural Midwestern town and surrounded by a multitude of comical animals, I became a keen observer with a big imagination. I turned to books to learn about the world around me. I was fascinated with animals, science, and maps. Books also transported me to fantastical places I only dreamed of. Many nights, I would go to sleep with my very own stories dancing in my head. Though I loved creating stories, writing in school wasn’t my favorite – until I took a creative writing class in high school. It was taught by an amazing teacher, who encouraged and allowed me to use my creativity in my writing assignments. I went on to become a teacher and audiologist, and I realized a fundamental truth. Any dream can be achieved, but you must be willing to work hard (really hard), believe in yourself, and never give up.

Years later, I loved sharing those childhood stories that danced in my head so long ago with my own kids. I also loved reading book after book after book with them. Slowly with time and lots and lots of hard work, something awoke in me – my love of creating stories came back and hasn’t slept since.

With heart and humor, I love observing our amazing world and using my imagination to create my stories.

I live with my husband, two teenagers, and two enormous dogs in central Iowa.